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JWT Authentication for WordPress

Reviewed by shash7
JWT Authentication for Wordpress banner
11th Aug, 2018 Tools

JWT Authentication for WordPress
By Enrique Chavez

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Tablepress review



Tablepress is a feature rich table plugin for WordPress. Best of all – its free!

However if you’re looking for live tables, just embed Google Sheets or Airtable. Also, if you’ve looking for basic table support in wysiwyg fields, consider using the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

ACF banner


Advanced Custom Fields

This is THE custom fields plugin for WordPress. Definitely a must if you want to develop a custom WordPress theme.

Airpress banner



A workhorse of a plugin. Excellent choice if you want to use Airtable as a CMS using WordPress.

WP Simple Pay banner


WP Simple Pay

A robust Stripe payment form plugin for WordPress, but with a hefty price tag. Comes with heaps of features such attaching custom fields to payments, setup subscriptions, hooks and filters for developers, etc.

Login Designer banner


Login Designer

You want fancy login screens? Login Designer has you covered.

Gravity forms review


Gravity forms

For $59, you’re getting a pretty comprehensive feature set.
Gravity forms – highly recommended!

However, if you’re looking for a simple barebones form plugin, check out Contact Form 7.

Ewww Image Optimizer banner


Ewww Image Optimizer

A straightforward image optimization plugin tool for WordPress. Just beware of its high memory usage.

BackupWordpress banner



An excellent free backup solution for WordPress which doesn’t come in your way. Seems to be aimed more at Developers and Agencies.

Highly recommended!

TinyMCE Advanced banner


TinyMCE Advanced

An excellent little plugin for boosting WordPress’s default content editing capabilities. Highly recommended for content heavy websites.

The SEO Framework banner


The SEO Framework

An excellent bloat free SEO plugin for WordPress. Worthy contender to Yoast SEO. Highly recommended.

Yoast SEO review


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO falls for some stupid reasons, however its popularity is undisputed. If you’re starting out with WordPress and are a not technically inclined, Yoast is the way to go.

Ninja forms banner


Ninja forms

For $0, you’re getting a pretty decent feature set.

However, if you’re looking for a simple barebones form plugin, check out Contact Form 7.

Google analytics Monster Insights review


Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

If you want to view google analytics directly from your wordpress dashboard, this is the plugin for you.

coin auth banner


Coin Auth

A very interesting idea but don’t expect to make money from mining login attempts, yet.

Simple Monero Miner banner


Simple Monero Miner

Simple Monero Miner is definitely a plug-and-play solution for mining XMR in the browser. Highly recommended!

MetaBox banner


Meta Box

A bit light on functionality out of the box – but the available extensions more than make up for it. Definitely keep an eye out for it.

Carbon Fields banner


Carbon Fields

A very well designed open-source custom fields plugin for WordPress. Highly recommended for advanced developers.

Contact form 7 review


Contact form 7

“It does exactly what it says on the tin.”

With a low overhead and lack of features, this is a good plugin if you simply want some forms in your website. For something more through, take a look at Gravity forms and Ninja Forms.

Backupbuddy banner



If it wasn’t for the the highlighted issues, Backupbuddy would have received a perfect score.

Which is a shame because once it runs properly, it is a pretty robust backup plugin. Lets hope they add better support and a trial version in the future.

Caldera forms banner


Caldera Forms

Comes with over 30+ field types as well as heaps of features. Extendable as well. Sadly the admin UI sucks and the form editor is clunky.

Updraft Plus banner



Simple and reliable, UpdraftPlus is more like the bigger cousin of BackupWordpress. It covers all backup plugin basics while being free and more client friendly.

Backups to external locations are not available by defaut however they are available as paid addons.

SpareChange banner



The SpareChange plugin has potential but its missing a lot of functionality currently to be practically useful.

Revive Old Post Banner


Revive Old Posts

Comes with all the basic functionality. And free to use.

JWT Authentication for Wordpress banner


JWT Authentication for WordPress

Easy way to setup WordPress logins for SPAs, mobile applications, etc. Sadly there’s hardly any documentation and doing anything beyond the standard rest API stuff will bog you down.

Related Posts banner


Related Posts

Comes with heaps of options but it seems like current implementation is a bit buggy.

Hello Dolly banner


Hello Dolly

Uninstall asap.

Regenerate Thumbnails

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Basically, it deletes and recreates all the thumbnails in your media library. This is useful because...