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19th May, 2018

WP Simple Pay
By Moonstone Media Group

Wp Simple Pay dead simple way of embedding Stripe payment forms in your website. Accepting Stripe payments has never been easier. For additional functionality like recurring payments, coupon code support, etc you may want to look at purchasing the Pro version.

Anyways, let’s roll a review for this plugin.


Before installing, check out the system requirements. Note that you’ll need ssl for live forms.

Once installed, head to the Simple Pay dashboard located on the sidebar.

Wp Simple Pay dashboard
Wp Simple Pay dashboard

From there, you’ll need to link your:

  • Test secret key
  • Test Publishable key
  • Live secret key
  • Live Publishable key

All of which can be found inside your Stripe account dashboard. Once entered, head to the default settings and configure the defaults.

Setting up forms is done via shortcodes. Here’s a handy guide on what shortcode options you can configure. Most default settings can be overridden via shortcode settings anyways.

Paste the shortcode inside any wysiwyg field(it could be a post, a page, anything) and you should see the blue Stripe button on the frontend.

That’s all to it. With the Pro version, you can also setup recurrent payment forms and many more things.


Support is provided through their contact page.

There doesn’t seems to be a paid support system, although when I contacted them, I got a reply within a few hours which is pretty fast.

All their documentation is well written and should be the first thing to consult before calling support.


Most functionality is exposed as shortcodes. You can always call a form via s shortcode. You can always edit a shortcode before calling it in the frontend too.

As with most developer friendly plugins, Wp Simple pay comes with heaps of hooks via which you can endlessly customize payment forms. The documentation also comes with sample code for common use cases which can be really helpful.

As far as styling is concerned, I’ve been able to override most of the form css via my own own css. No major customization is required for form styling.


Personal Business Elite
$49 $99 $249

The Personal version comes with stripe payment forms while the pro version comes with heaps of features such as:

  • Drag and drop custom fields
  • Recurring payments(Subscriptions)
  • Coupon code discounts

along with many more features.

Personally I feel like the the Personal version doesn’t offer much. You can basically use the code examples from Stripe’s website and paste it in your site to emulate the Personal version.

The Business version has all the useful features but it is priced at $99 which is fairly expensive. But then, all payment plugins for WordPress are pretty expensive.

If you need only a simple stripe payment form then stick with the Personal version otherwise go for the full priced version.

All pricing details can be found here.


Trial version No
Subscription billing Yes - only in the Business and Elite plan - you'll need to setup the subscription inside stripe before you can select it from your dashboard.
Drag and drop builder Yes - only in the Business and Elite plan.


A robust Stripe payment form plugin for WordPress, but with a hefty price tag. Comes with heaps of features such attaching custom fields to payments, setup subscriptions, hooks and filters for developers, etc.

  • Very simple to use, doesn't overload you with crap functionality.

  • Can be customized endlessly via shortcode options and hooks.

  • Pretty good drag and drop form builder(only in the Business and Elite version)


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