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5th Jun, 2018

Revive Old Posts
By Revive Social

What if you had thousands of posts and you wanted to revive them or share it with your larger audience? Well, This plugin has got you covered! You can now share your old content with your followers on social media. Think about those successful posts and taking it to a whole new level or even updating the old content to give it a fresh twist.


After installing the plugin, it’s the standard procedure to activate the plugin and having a look through the features it provides. You can do this from sidebar > revive old post > dashboard.

In order to share your content, you will have to first link your social media accounts. For Twitter, it’s as easy as a logging in to authorize the plugin to post on your behalf. Facebook, on the other hand, can take a bit of an effort since you will need to get an ‘app id’ and ‘app secret’.

The plugin also gives you options to share on LinkedIn and Tumblr but that would require using the extended version of the plugin.

Let’s have a look at the features…

Revive Old Post General Settings

You will have to play around with the settings in order to make it work according to you. The default settings are confusing as you can see minimum post age is set to 30 days and maximum post age is set to 0 days. Pretty sure it is meant to be the other way around. In order for me to test this plugin and share my posts that are a few days old, I set both fields to 0.

Though you can share any number of posts per scheduled job. I would recommend having it post less than 5 posts per scheduled posts to avoid spamming and getting banned.

The plugin allows you to share your posts more than once but that’s not the case. There is a duplication error for some reason (as shown below). As you can see even post timings are different.

Revive Old Post Logs

Under the Post Format tab, you will be able to do what the tab suggests. For twitter, you can add 140 characters of text but that may not be necessary since the default posts will underline the posts title and a content blurb that you have on the posts that you share. Unfortunately, you can’t post with images in the free version of the plugin.

This is how the posts will look like once it is shared…

Shared post

Though you cannot edit the ‘Sharing queue’ in the free version, you can have a look at it to get a rough idea of the posts that have been scheduled.

Revive old posts supports these social media channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn(Paid plan)
  • Tumblr(Paid plan)

It doesn’t support Pinterest or Instagram yet. If you’re looking for something more fully fledged, look into Buffer or Hootsuite.


Support is provided in the forms of a documentation page and support ticket system. For those with a paid membership, they get priority support.

Their documentation page is organized in a way which covers most common issues and faqs. Take a look yourself. Every article has screenshots.


The pricing model from is pretty simple. There are three tiers: Personal, Business and Marketer.

The main difference between personal vs the business and marketer tiers is that you don’t get custom scheduling and queue management on the lower end.

  • The free version let’s you use only 2 accounts max. The extended versions allow you to post from up to 50 accounts, that’s multiple accounts from one social website. The extended version also unlocks sharing on LinkedIn.
  • The extended version allows you to add featured image to the posts you share
  • The extended version allows the use of custom post types and custom share messages
  • The standard 1 year of updates and support is also part of the package

This table shows the pricing of the yearly plans:

Free Personal Business Marketer
 $0 $83 $199 $329



First impressions I got after installing the plugin and linking my Twitter account was of slight disappointment. For some reason, the button on the right is disabled and in grey colours such that it’s easy to miss it within the grey background. Once I linked my account, I had no clue as to how I could use it to share my content mainly because I ignored that side of the page since it has an advert. A really poor choice of location for the Sharing button. Looking at the reviews when I was stuck made me realise that some people may have had similar issues and had given up or moved on; fortunately, I persisted and figured it out.

That being said, the plugin offers what it says it does. Though it has a few usability issues, you can slowly figure out how to work with this plugin.


Social media settings Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr
Multisite ready Share to multiple accounts


Comes with all the basic functionality. And free to use.

  • Automates post sharing on social media

  • Requires a bit of configuration

  • Usability can be improved

  • Post duplication errors - cannot share posts that have been shared within that day.


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when readers choose to purchase a plugin based our reviews.

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