How are plugin reviews done

Or - why should you listen to us

These are the steps we take during every plugin review:

  • Install plugin on a wordpress installation
  • Check for security bugs on WPVulnerablityDB
  • Look at competitor plugins and see how they stack against the competition
  • If its a paid plugin, check the support offered
  • For other plugins, check how popular the plugin is and how active the plugin authors are

Why should you listen to us?

Lets take Backupbuddy as an example. Most reviews about Backupbuddy give it a good rating because when it works, it works well.

However, most reviewers don’t know that Backupbuddy may or may not work on most managed hosting. Backupbuddy also doesn’t offer a trial period or a demo version which means if you buy this plugin and it doesn’t run on your website, you’re screwed!

That’s why when we gave a harsh rating on our Backupbuddy review.

Over here, we take the time to analyze everything about the plugin including support offered, developer access, any shady stuff, serious performance issues, security issues, etc.

We are always open to suggestions and corrections in our reviews.

Hope you find our reviews helpful!

– Shash7