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19th May, 2018

Login Designer
By Rich Tabor

Recently I was exploring options for styling login pages without coding and I came across Login Designer. It used the in-built WordPress customizer to develop the login template which made me check it out. Here’s a review of it.


Unlike other designer oriented tools, Login Designer uses the customizer to well customize the login template which is the de-facto™ way of allowing people to design stuff using WordPress.

This is what we ended up with..

Let's just say I'm a big fan of Doom
Let’s just say I’m a big fan of Doom


After installing it from the WordPress plugin repository, you should be able to customize the login template from Sidebar > Appearance > Login Designer

This will open up a customizer panel from where you can edit the login page. Here’s how it looks like:

Login designer customizer screen

Over here you can choose the layout type. By default it comes with three templates:

  • The default one
  • Sidebar layout. Image on the right and login on the left.
  • Dark layout. Honestly doesn’t look as good. It may look offcentered in the preview but its completely center aligned when you publish it.

When you hover over different elements on the preview screen, it will show you options for modifying different stuff like:

  • The background image. You can set the style as cover(recommended), repeatable, etc. There are some images given by default but you can always upload your own.
  • The logo. You’ll need to figure out the dimensions of the logo before uploading and set the logo dimensions after uploading. This is due to how the WordPress login screen is developed and not the plugin’s fault. You can also disable the logo too.
    It won’t allow svg uploads by default(again, WordPress limitation) but you can overcome this by adding this line of code in your functions.php
  • The login box styling. You can make it transparent, change the background color, box shadow, radius, etc.
  • All the text displayed on the login page. Just over over the text and you can change the colors, fonts, size, etc.

As you can see, it comes with heaps of options. Feel free to go nuts.


Login Designer gives you many options to customize the WordPress login page. You can set the background images, style the fonts, change the logo, etc.

If you’re a developer, you can easily customize the login screen using the in-built WordPress filters and hooks. But this plugin gives a lot of power to non-tech savvy users.

There are still some minor quirks like:

  • There’s no reset option. You can always change the layouts to reset it or disable the plugin to get the defaults styles back.
  • There are only 2 other layout options available. Would be awesome to add a few more.

Honestly, I can’t complain – its a free plugin and does exactly what is says on the tin.


You want fancy login screens? Login Designer has you covered.

  • Can customize everything - from the backgrounds to the font styles and everything in between.

  • Need more options for layout styles.


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