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6th Jun, 2019

Instant Images
By Darren Cooney

Ever felt the need to quickly download free stock images from Unsplash directly to your WordPress media library while writing a blog post? This plugin does exactly that! And best of all – its free and very easy to use. Let’s take a closer look at this plugin.


Instant Images allows you to bulk download images from Unsplash. This can be useful for people who are writing articles and quickly need images to stick on their articles.

The way it works is quite simple, first you download and install the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository, then you open up the Instant images search page from the WordPress admin area > Sidebar > Media > Instant Images and search for the photos you’re looking for. Lastly, just click on the images to start downloading. They will be in your media gallery shortly.

This is how the Instant Images admin area looks like:

Instant Images 1
Instant Images admin area

To download an image, simply click on it to start the download. The image will be automatically uploaded to your media library. You can click on multiple images to download them all simultaneously. Remember that downloads will cancel if you move to another page so it is advisable to stay on this page until all the images have been downloaded.

In terms of features, it is quite minimalist. I quite like the simple interface and the snappiness of downloading multiple images. You can search for images and sort them but otherwise, there isn’t much in terms of features. One missing feature would be to download images directly from a Gutenberg block but it isn’t a dealbreaker.


An excellent addition for marketers, content writers, bloggers, etc. Makes downloading images from Unsplash a breeze.


An extremely useful plugin for content writers and bloggers looking to download free stock images directly into WordPress. Highly recommended.

  • No native Gutenberg editor integration.


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