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20th May, 2018

Hello Dolly
By Matt Mullenweg

Probably the first plugin to be uninstalled from any default WordPress installation, we’re gonna review the infamous Hello Dolly plugin.


Hello Dolly refers to the song composed by Louis Armstrong which was released back in 1964 and later on went to become a number one hit on the charts back in the day.


Hello Dolly was created by Matt Mulleweg, the founder of WordPress and was included as a default plugin since version 1.2(this was way back in 2004)

Since then, it has been included as a template for developers to make their own plugin.

As of now, it serves no purpose other than showing you quotes near the admin bar.

Some quotes can be pretty full on
Some quotes can be pretty full on

As for now, this plugin is heavily outdated and probably included for sentimentality purposes.

If you want to create your own WordPress Plugins and are searching for boilerplate code, you should start off by checking out the Plugin Codex and using wpbb.


Uninstall asap.


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