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Gravity forms review
7th Jul, 2018

Gravity forms
By RocketGenius

Gravity forms is possibly the most popular form plugin for WordPress. Lets roll a review for this.


Gravity forms has a very intutive drag and drop form builder in its backend.
There is a list of input types on the right hand side which you can drag and drop it on the left to create your form.

Gravity forms drag & drop form fields
Gravity forms drag & drop form fields

In the  dashboard, you can manage all your forms and quickly disable/enable them via a toggle.

Gravity forms dashboard
Gravity forms dashboard

One thing I like about the plugin is that overall it follows the style conventions of WordPress instead of creating its own custom style in the backend like Yoast.

The crazy thing about Gravity forms is that you can install plugins(Called Add-Ons) specific for Gravity forms from the sidebar itself. Most of these plugins enable forms to be automatically submitted to a CRM software of your choice. Take a look at the Add-Ons(They can be fairly pricey)

For developers

This is a bit of a mixed bag. Gravity forms have heaps of filters available to override default functionality. Some of the common things you can do using the filters provided:

  • Pre populate dropdown fields
  • Use value of hidden fields to populate visible fields(Useful when using something like select2 or chosen)
  • Automatically send an email when the form is submitted
  • Make your own custom validation rules

However you can’t completely edit the html output of the forms. Basically, styling the frontend forms and changing the markup is still a pain-in-the-ass. This is the only thing stopping me from giving this plugin a 5 star review.

Having said that, Gravity forms does have an API of its own(Not to be confused with wp-api) via which you can create your own form in html and use gravity form’s validation.


Support is provided in the forms of a documentation page and support ticket system. For those with a developer version, they get priority support.

Their documentation page is pretty well organized and should cover most use cases. Take a look yourself. Every article has screenshots and if applicable, code samples provided.


Gravity forms comes in three flavours:

Basic license Pro license Elite license
$59 $159 $259


Other than the option to support more than 1 site, the pricier options give you more add-ons.

Honestly the basic license is a great deal at $59 considering the premium pricing of other plugins in this category.

These add-ons usually give you options to integrate Gravity forms with other 3rd party services like MailChimp, Dropbox, Stripe, etc. This page lists all the add-ons you can get.

One issue I have with this is that you cannot buy these add-ons separately. Say you need Stripe integration – you’ll need to fork out $259 for an Elite license just for that. Having said that, there are so many hooks and filters exposed via Gravity forms that you can easily integrate Stripe yourself if you have the technical chops.


Overall I would highly recommend Gravity forms. It is jam packed with features and the documentation provided is pretty good.

However if you’re just looking for a simple plugin to add some forms in your website, take a look at Contact form 7.

Technical Report

Lines of code 61,672
Cyclometric complexity(CC) 34.34
Code violations

(0 criticals, 110 errors) - 228 violations

Uses custom Db table? Yes
CC Chart

Cyclomatic complexity is way above the baseline at 34.34 and there’s a whopping 61672 lines of code included with this plugin. We can conclude that Gravity forms is an absolute monster of a plugin and installing will definitely affect code execution time.

Gravity forms creates more than 5 different database tables for its own use. You can use this reference to see how the database is structured.

Data generated from Phpmetrics. Although the data found through our research has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, legality or reliability of any information.


Drag and drop builder Yes
Conditional logic Yes
Custom styles Limited - You can hand roll your own forms with the api provided though.
JSON import/export Yes
Email notifications Yes
API Yes - a bit clunky but the documentation is comprehensive.


For $59, you’re getting a pretty comprehensive feature set.
Gravity forms – highly recommended!

However, if you’re looking for a simple barebones form plugin, check out Contact Form 7.

  • Lots of field types available which cover most use cases

  • Lots of plugins available via which you can hook up forms to different services

  • Can be completely customized using filters and the api.

  • HTML Markup can be difficult to customize


Helpful disclosure

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when readers choose to purchase a plugin based our reviews.

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  1. Annoyingly doesn’t work with newer versions of jQuery or with scripts loaded in the footer, with the Ajax forms.

    Apart from those gremlins it’s solid.

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