Wordpress Tool plugins

Wordpress Tools plugin reviews

A curated listing of all the best Wordpress plugins for authoring content, optimizing images, adding shortcodes to boost functionality of the wysiwyg editor, etc.



Tablepress is a feature rich table plugin for WordPress. Best of all – its free!

However if you’re looking for live tables, just embed Google Sheets or Airtable. Also, if you’ve looking for basic table support in wysiwyg fields, consider using the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.


WP Simple Pay

A robust Stripe payment form plugin for WordPress, but with a hefty price tag. Comes with heaps of features such attaching custom fields to payments, setup subscriptions, hooks and filters for developers, etc.


Ewww Image Optimizer

A straightforward image optimization plugin tool for WordPress. Just beware of its high memory usage.


Instant Images

An extremely useful plugin for content writers and bloggers looking to download free stock images directly into WordPress. Highly recommended.


TinyMCE Advanced

An excellent little plugin for boosting WordPress’s default content editing capabilities. Highly recommended for content heavy websites.


Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

If you want to view google analytics directly from your wordpress dashboard, this is the plugin for you.


Block Gallery

You want a simple image gallery inside your WordPress post? Block gallery has got you covered fam.


Revive Old Posts

Comes with all the basic functionality. And free to use.


JWT Authentication for WordPress

Easy way to setup WordPress logins for SPAs, mobile applications, etc. Sadly there’s hardly any documentation and doing anything beyond the standard rest API stuff will bog you down.

Regenerate Thumbnails

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Basically, it deletes and recreates all the thumbnails in your media library. This is useful because...