Wordpress backup plugins

Wordpress Backup plugin reviews

Need a backup plugin? Don’t fret we’ve got you covered. Featuring a curated list of all the best backup plugins for Wordpress, you can’t go wrong with our list.



An excellent free backup solution for WordPress which doesn’t come in your way. Seems to be aimed more at Developers and Agencies.

Highly recommended!



If it wasn’t for the the highlighted issues, Backupbuddy would have received a perfect score.

Which is a shame because once it runs properly, it is a pretty robust backup plugin. Lets hope they add better support and a trial version in the future.



Simple and reliable, UpdraftPlus is more like the bigger cousin of BackupWordpress. It covers all backup plugin basics while being free and more client friendly.

Backups to external locations are not available by defaut however they are available as paid addons.

There are two things you should keep in mind when setting up a backup plugin.

(1) You install a backup plugin the minute your site is up and running

(2) Always, always test the backup created by the plugin and see if you can restore your site correctly with everything intact.

If you’re working as a developer, I highly recommend Backupwordpress. An absolutely non-fussy backup plugin. Just plug and play.

For non-tech savvy users, I recommend something like UpdraftPlus. Backupbuddy is good too but it takes up wayy too much memory and a lot of webhosts have banned it anyways.