About wpplugincheck

In-depth Wordpress Plugin reviews. No fluff, no BS.

I’ve been a WordPress dev for ~3 years. During this time I’ve build many large scale WordPress websites and for most use cases I don’t recommend using plugins as they can unnecessarily slow down your website.

For those cases where you absolutely have to use a plugin, I always try out new plugins on a local wordpress installation and see if there’s any funny business going on. If the plugin looks clean and seems to be well maintained, I go ahead and install it on the live site.

Most developers and clients don’t have the luxury to test out plugins in this manner. This website is for those people who would like a thorough, no BS review of useful plugins.

I do my due diligence for each plugin review. However I may sometimes forget to mention a groundbreaking functionality or a major bug in the code. In this case, please comment on the plugin page about it.


– Shash7